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Endoscopy has long been widely used to screen for esophageal varices (EV) in cirrhotic patients. Recurrent endoscopy is a significant burden for the healthcare system of the endoscopic unit as well as uncomfortable and high costs for patients. This study intended to prognosticate Right Liver Lobe Diameter/Serum Albumin Ratio (RLLD/Alb) as a non-invasive approach in the early diagnosis of EV among chronic liver disease (CLD) Bangladeshi patients enrolled in a specific hospital.

Participants and Methods

A total of 150 admitted patients with CLD were included in the study. Patients were subjected through a comprehensive biochemical checkup and upper digestive endoscopic or ultrasonographic inspection. The correlation was evaluated between the RLLD/Alb ratio and esophageal varices grades.


The upper digestive endoscopy demonstration among 150 patients resulted in no EV in 18%, while 24% of patients was identified as EV grade I, 20% as grade II, 20% as grade III, and 18% patients as grade IV. The mean value of the RLLD/Alb ratio was 4.89 ± 1.49 (range from 2.30 to 8.45). The RLLD/Alb ratio diagnosed the EV employing the cut-off value of 4.01 with 85.3% sensitivity and 68.8% specificity. Furthermore, it was positively correlated with the grading of EV, when this ratio increased the grading of EV increases and vice versa (r = 0.630, p < 0.001).


The RLLD/Alb ratio is a non-invasive parameter giving exact guidance relevant to the ascertainment of the existence of EV and their grading in chronic liver disease patients.

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