Vision, Mission, and Goals


# To develop internationally competitive professionals with excellent leadership, communication and teamwork skills who can contribute to an exceptional talent  pool in Bangladesh and globally.

 # To perform scientific research at the highest international levels, integrating multidisciplinary approaches to solving significant problems in biology.



# Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are dedicated to understand life at the biochemical, genetic and cellular level. 
# Uphold professionalism in training, research and consultancy.

# Promote innovativeness and creativity in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  research.

# Develop competency, analytical ability, honesty, intergrity  and responsibility to maintain a high degree of adaptability  and continuous development when rendering public service nationally and internationally.



# Our major goals are to make discoveries that provide new knowledge regarding the mechanisms that drive cellular systems.

# Students at all levels  contribute to laboratory research, where they  are trained to be competitive for educational  and research positions  in diverse academic and industrial environments.